ChiriquĆ­ : Valle De La Luna

ChiriquĆ­ is one of the PanamaĀ“s most beautiful provinces. The Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley, as it is also known thanks to its indigenous name, is one of the most bio-diverse regions in Panama. Rich in flora and fauna.

Boquete: Coffee town

Without a doubt, the most popular place in ChiriquĆ­ is Boquete, a small coffee town located in a valley surrounded by mountains of the Cordillera Central about twenty-five miles away from David. Its popularity has grown in recent years, making it one of PanamaĀ“s most important tourist destinations.

Wonders in ChiriquĆ­

Los Cangilones de Gualaca is one of the best natural swimming bath in the province of ChiriquĆ­ and major tourist attraction in Gualaca district. It is a pretty swimming bath visited by both Panamanians and foreigners due to its easy access, for its beautiful scenery and of course for its refreshing waters.


La Barqueta beach

The coast of ChiriquĆ­ hides some interesting surprises. Just 26 kilometers from David lies the mythical La Barqueta beach, in Alanje district. It is one of the most popular beach from Alanje and has gained some importance in the national real estate market due to the construction of luxury condominiums facing the sea.

Playa Las Lajas

Another recommended beach is Las Lajas, in the district of San Felix, ninety kilometers east of David. It is a beautiful place to relax, without hustle or hordes of bathers. It offers a beautiful seascape that mesmerizes, thanks to its 18 kilometers in length. Not counting the natural environment that breathes, where the sea, the sky and the sand prevail.

Puerto Boca Chica

If you want a real encounter with the sea you can reach the fishing port of Boca Chica, only forty kilometers east of David and hire a boatman who takes a tour at the National Marine Park Gulf from ChiriquĆ­, also known as the Archipelago of The Paridian Islands.

Boca Chica
La Barqueta
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